Chapter 10

The Sound: Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper, Chicago – If You Leave Me Now, Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road, Carly Simon – You’re So Vain, Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son, James Brown – Sex Machine, David Bowie – Changes, Bob Dylan – Lay Lady Lay, Donna Summer – Love to Love You, Elton John – Rocket Man, Procul Harum – Conquistidor, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Blinded by the light, Rolling Stones – Wild Horses’

Boomer finally comes on the phone and he’s exuberant and happy. He sounds like he’s never been better and I think to myself “well, things are looking up”.

“Hey Big Boom Boom I’m here,” I says in my best tough girl voice.

Boomer hollers “hey Baby, great! Cool! Me and a coupla the guys are gonna come getcha…we’ll be there in a jiff!”

I hang up the phone wondering just how long a jiff is and head for the front doors of the airport. I am waiting for men are Harley’s so I am a little surprised when 15 minutes later a baby blue mustang convertible pulls up in front of me.

In the passenger seat is Boomer. In the driver’s seat is Boomer’s riding buddy BarnYard. (I’ve met him once er twice in the past) In the back of the car where the back seat should have been sits the largest, furriest, meanest looking human being I have ever seen.

We’re talking 6 ft 6 and 526 lbs…give er take a ton er two….Waist long brown hair and a beard that rolls down his chest to his belly like carpet. His hair is braided in spots as is his beard and hanging in those braids are bits of metal and feathers, what looks to be a cat skull and god knows what else.

“Robert certainly is large”, I gulp.

I take one long look and before they notice me I sprint back into the airport and make a beeline for the ladies room. I get there only to find pay toilets and me with no money. So I get down on the floor and scoot under the locked door, climb up on the seat and scrunch my feet up under me so that no one knows this stall is occupied.

“You weren’t kidding when you thought this was a stupid idea…this may have been the biggest idiocy of you life bar none” I think to myself.

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