Chapter 40

The sound: Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon, , Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere, Fleetwood Mac – The Chain, Fleetwood Mac – Songbird, Fleetwood Mac – Landslide, Fleetwood Mac – Tusk, Fleetwood Mac – Storms, Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

I sat back in my chair and raised the beer to my mouth. Taking a large gulp as it occurred to me that quite possibly there was more to the story than I could see.

“So how did you all become family?” I ask, taking several more large gulps of beer.

Rosie leans forward and lights a smoke, her eyes grow steely. “I was put out to flatback by my father once I reached puberty.” She replied. “I was so young I didn’t even know it was wrong” she continued. “I really truly thought that all women’s work included lying down for strangers for money and I couldn’t figure out why some people had to go to school while I got to sleep all day.”

She turned to look at me and I realized that my mouth was hanging open when her face flared in anger

“You don’t get to judge me…I’m just telling you the way it was!” she barked.

“sor…sorry….I didn’t mean to offend you…I guess I’m just reacting cos I thought I had it bad” I replied

“oh ya Baby, yer life musta been soooo very hard living in a house with yer brother and sister and both parents…poor little girl cos her daddy’s a cop!” Rose sing songed.

“how’d you know that?” I startled.

“oh…from Robert he knows all that he needs to know and more!”

I turned to look at WonderWoman who was turned away from me and looking out over the floor below us. I realized she was watching the rest of ‘us’ down on the lower level and Boomer coming up the stairs towards us. “You don’t get to know my past little girl…do you have any idea what we’ve been through to get here?”

“hush now” Rosie turned to face her…”she doesn’t know and won’t till Robert wants her to!”

“know what?” I asked

“why yer here” WonderWoman replies…”now shut up, here comes Boomer.”

I looked up as Boomer walked across the floor towards us…”hey Baby girl…come play some pinball with me…let me whoop yer ass at PacMan!”

Grateful for the distraction, even if it involved getting close to Boomer and his fetid breath, I got up and followed him around the walk way of doors towards the particular pinball game he was looking for.

“Boomer?” I asked

“Hmmm?” was the reply as he turned and looked back at me

“what the fuck have you got me into? Who are these people? And what’s with all the doors? Where do they lead?”

“I don’t know why you think there’s something up Baby…this is yer birthday present girl…just enjoy it” he laughed as he turned back towards his destination.

“oh” I snarked “so you don’t think it’s odd that I’m being held virtually captive by a gang of misfits and thugs and that nobody, not one fucking person, not even you who is supposed to be my god damn friend will tell me what’s going on?”

“ ask too many questions” Boomer replied as we reached the 2nd floor bar, “you need to get back to goin with the flow” He stopped and ordered 4 shots of tequila, 2 with lime and 2 poppers. “One each” he said, as he nodded towards the drinks on the bar” “it’s Happy birthday to you and outta a jam for me.”

“what’s that supposed to mean? I asked again as I reached for the shots.

“due time, due time Baby…..just drink up” came the reply yet again.

“In for a penny, in for a pound” I thought as I flipped back the popper followed closely by the shot and then the lime…”if I’m gonna be in the dark…I may just as well have some fun there!”

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