Self care…

Once upon a time 

my self care 

looked like spa night, 

face masks, 

pretty makeup…

Now my self care is: 


teeth brushed 

and putting on clean Pj’s 

to just climb right back into bed…

Both are ok…

Both are ok. 

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The Show Must Go On…

I’m having a moment…

I’ve been in bed sick for two weeks and Ive watched an awful lot of stuff on my computer… This afternoon I’ve been watching “The Show Must Go On: The Queen and Adam Lambert story.”

I worked with a woman a dozen years ago in a call centre named Tami Herrington Dube . Tami adored the American Idol tv show… and as such was absolutely enamoured with Adam Lambert time on that show and when he lost she was beside herself.

So this afternoon I’m watching The Show Must Go On and all of a sudden I’m standing in a call centre listening to Tami rail against the people that didn’t pick out them and wax forth vociferously about what a great entertainer Adam Lambert is.

Here we are, all these years later…Tami is no longer with us. Adam Lambert not only has his own career but is an active member of a band that I listen to in my youth and loved… Queen. A band I thought I was never going to get to listen to again when Freddie Mercury died.

Heady and heavy stuff for a covid patient waltzing down memory lane.

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