Getting old….

Last night I dreamt that I was back home on Crown Street with my mom.

I dreamt that she was working with a children’s rescue and as such became a fostering r to two South American girls the oldest being eight and the youngest being five.

The eight-year-old was a terror. She was a thief and she was violent and she kept hitting my mother when she caught her stealing from her bedroom.

I finally grabbed the girl by her shirt collar to get her away from my mother and she turned on me. Whaling on me with her fists…. I tried to give her a shake but my limbs started to tremble and I had no strength.  The five year old started to cry and sobbed and shrieked whilst the 8 year old began to cuss me out…. In two languages.

I tried as hard as I could to protect my mother but in the end she had to come and rescue me from the eight year old.  

I woke up crying…When I got out of bed I put my glasses on and then went to close my bedroom window to keep the cool in during this heat wave….in turning around to go around my bed to take the dog out I fell.

There’s nothing more terrifying to me than falling and knowing that there’s nothing I can do to stop it…As luck would have it I did a face plant into my mattress, which of course saved a lot of injury. However I was wearing my glasses and because I landed full face on the bed I did bend my glasses and hurt my nose again.  And somehow through that I barked my knee again on the dog stairs.  

This getting old shit ain’t for sissies. 

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Ad naseum…

Every day it’s the same thing…

I wake up I feel fine…
Let the dog out to do her business
Then I do mine

Get dressed fire up to work computer
Sit down to start working…

I’m starving and I want coffee
I make a cup of coffee(or tea or hot water)
Halfway through the cup
the nausea begins
I’m starving… i’m nauseous
I’m nauseous and I’m starving
Viscious circle

All my body wants to do
is curl up in a ball in bed
But I can’t
Today is a workin day

Exactly the same things happens
If I start with a smoothie,
A piece of toast,
Some cereal
An egg
I’m so fucking tired
Of potatoes

All day
Every day
Still waiting on surgery

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