New job…

So there’s a two seater settee and chair in my den that belonged to my mother… Ive never really been partial to it but I’ve always kept it because my mom told me for years that it was the only furniture she ever sat on where her feet touch the floor…she passed in 2018… so I guess I should feel safe getting rid of it now.

Because I’ve started a new part time job I had decided to put a second desk in my den which would require that I find a place to move the settee and chair to…

First it required that I get all of the clothes that I have over the years parked on it into my closet. No small feat…now I’m mucking out one million pounds of dog hair… I ask again… Why is this 3 1/2 pound dog not naked? 

Anyway…it’s good exercise right? I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a second desk for a while… I tried to order one and have been just informed that it’s no longer in stock and had my money returned…

So now I’m beating a path to the desk that’s already in here to place my work desktop on it… (i’ve not use that desktop in a couple of years so unplugging it shouldn’t be a problem) it’s good to be re-organizing the den because today being my second day on the new job and my first day with access to the files and email I am finding that my brain is swimming and I very likely need to do something physical to counteract same lol

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Samhain Chant

A year of beauty.

A year of plenty.

A year of planting.

A year of harvest.

A year of forests.

A year of healing. 

A year of vision.

A year of passion.

A year of rebirth.

This year may we renew the earth.

Let it begin with each step we take.

Let it begin with each change we make.

Let it begin with each chain we break.

Let it begin each time we awake.
So mote it be! 
~Author Unknown

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