Chapter 41

The sound: Alice Cooper – Ballad of Dwight Fly, Alice Cooper – Desperado, Alice Cooper – Dirty Diamonds, Alice Cooper – Freedom, Alice Cooper – Lace and Whiskey, Alice Cooper – I Never Cry, Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed, Alice Cooper – Welcome to My Nightmare, Alice Cooper – Dead Babies

Sometime during the day we returned to the house. I barely remembered being poured into the back seat of the mustang and Boomer laughing to Robert about how if he was lucky I wouldn’t puke all over the back of him on the way home.

I lay very still trying to suss out exactly where I was. The room was virtually devoid of sound but was spinning like mad. I barely cracked one eye open and realized I was in the big bed at the farm house again. I slid my hand over my hip and realized someone had undressed me.

My eyes snapped open and my head rocked from side to side. I realized 2 things immediately…one that I was alone, and two that I was going to throw up. I made it to the commode and when I was done I welcomed the cool of the floor against my bottom as I wept my fear out.

In time, as I started to calm down and cool off and rose to wash my face. I looked myself over in the mirror and was appalled at what I saw. I wasn’t looking my usual ‘perky’ self…and I felt worse than the bottom of a bird cage.

I stumbled back into the bedroom and climbed back up onto the bed discovering the nightgown in the process and pulling it over my head. I climbed under the covers as the sniffles began again and I chided myself to remember that I was an adult now and that I really should have paid attention.

I lay there for a while as bits and pieces of the night before began to come to me. I have a vision of myself standing on the bar dancing and laughing my arm around Rosie and her laughing too…both of us hanging on to the neck of a bottle of tequila.

I remembered standing at a pool table while BarnYard was trying to take a shot, but that he was pissed as a rat so every time he took a shot I hollered “fore” and we all ducked!

I remember playing pinball and having a riot until some unknown assailant walked up behind me and damn near picked me up offa the floor by the right check of my ass, asking me if I’d like to “ride him?”

And I remember swinging around and pushing him away and hollering at him with my finger stuck under his nose about showing respect to women…and then the pride I felt when the guy got kinda google eyed and turned and slunk away.

I remembered in my drunken stupor feeling like I was on top of the world cos I’d shown him and he’d listened. Yup on top of the world right till I turned around and spotted the virtual bank of over 6 ft tall flesh standing behind me with their arms crossed and their club colors on.

I groaned. Surely it can’t be any worse than that?

I remembered feeling suddenly and utterly sober when LittleMan, WonderWoman, Robert and I were sitting at a table and LittleMan said to me…”I hear it’s your birthday” as he pulled his handgun out of his shoulder holster.

My eyes grew big as he reverently placed the gun on the table before me and in a calm voice almost devoid of humanity, said to me…”ya pick anyone of dese muthafuckas in dis place and I’ll do’im for ya fer yer birthday present”

And I remembered having to fight myself to keep from looking at Robert who was keeping me here or Boomer who’d got me into this mess in the first place at that particular moment.

“oh my god” I groan as it occurs to me that not only do I feel like I may die, but I probably could have if I’d said the wrong thing at the wrong time!

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