Chapter 21

the sound: Elton John – Tiny Dancer, The Carpenters – Rainy Days and Mondays, Terry Jacks – If You Away, Bread – Guitar Man, Christopher Cross – Sailing, Bobby Goldsboro – Honey, Neville Brothers – Tell it Like it Is, Tommy James and the Shondells – Crimson and Clover, The Beatles – Come Together

I wake up again some time later and it’s decidedly dark in the room. I lay cocooned in the eiderdown for minutes trying to remember where the hell I am. “I think the time has come to admit that you’re scared Baby…you obstinate fool…look what not thinking has got you into this time – apparently your father is right…you are a fool…now just how the hell are ya gonna get outta here?”
I lay back and think of what Michael would have said of my never ending penchant for acting first and thinking later. I burrow back down under the covers.

I, once again, stare at the ceiling and I realize that again I’ve awoken crying that there are tears rolling down to dampen the pillow…

Eventually I do stop crying…when I realize that the bladder gets to be the boss of me and I climb out of bed to use the facilities. Once in the bathroom I find towels laid out, a tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner and there’s even and clean clothes.

“Someone was in here while I was asleep!” I panic staring about to see if they are still there. I look back to the clothes…they are not my clothes, but they are my size and clean.

“In for a penny, in for a pound” I shrug and turn on the facets for the tub. There is simply no chance I am going to get into a shower so soon after that dream.

I soak in the tub for what seems to be a long time…but knowing me and my propensity for quick and clean it’s likely just a few minutes. I get out and towel myself dry and wander back into the bedroom without getting dressed.

As I walk past one of the curtained windows I pull aside the curtains to reveal the window high and tiny, nothing like I expected from the size of the draperies.

I can see sky out there and starts but little else.

I am dressed and standing at the big mirrored door of the armoire brushing my hair when I hear the door snick open behind me. I whirl around to see rather large man standing in the doorway dressed completely in black arms crossed over his chest. I struggle and come up with a name…”Snot”

“Made yerself ta home, I see” he snorts.

I nod and continue to brush my hair. He announces that I should get my boots “we’re going out” and before I can ask if he means out doors or out to party or a bar even…he’s gone. “Fine then,” I snort as I grab for my boots and haul them on, “be like that why don’tcha?”

Once I’m fully dressed, my makeup is on and my hair is braided over my shoulders with a bandana head band tied on for good measure, I head out the now open door of the bedroom through the hallway to the living room…”not much of a living room if nobody uses it” I think as I pace through the empty, now sterile, looking room.

Once I get to the door I find myself curiously reticent to open it and head out. “Truly…I only know one person here” and just as I decided to head back to the bedroom to find my stuff and sneak off the door opens and there stands Robert.


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