Chapter 11

The Sound: Elvis – The Ghetto, Heart – Barracuda, Styx – Come Sail Away, Player – Baby Come Back, Uriah Heep – Wizard, Harry Chapin Taxi, Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection, The Doobie Brothers – Listen to the Music, Linda Ronstadt – Blue Bayou, BTO – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, The Guess Who – Share the Land, AD/DC – Let there Be Rock, Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue, Little River Band – Lonesome Loser, Midnight Oil – Used and Abused

It’s only a matter of minutes before Boomer thunders into the ladies room bellowing like a bull “Baby…hurry up and finish yer bidnezz girl…times a wasting and I can’t wait for you to meet the boys!”

I shudder, and say nothing.

“Baby…I know yer in here woman…come out come out where ever you are” Boomer continues, “Look…me n the boys got places to go n things to do…get a move on it girlie!”

I still make no move.

Boomer roars, “GET THE FUCK OUT HERE GIRL ER I’M COMIN IN!” and I am once again reminded how he got his nickname. I hear a woman further down the row of stalls whimper and I understand that she doesn’t know I’m here or that he’s after me.


I guess I really don’t’ have a choice. I stand up and open the door. Boomer envelopes me in a bear hug and I remember Suzie’s comments about his teeth and breath. My stomach roils and I can’t tell weather it’s fear, a reaction to his body odor, more hangover or something of all of the above.

And again I think “what the fuck where you thinking Baby? How the hell did ya let yerself get talked into this?”

Boomer drags me by the arm out the door of the restroom and through the airport. I am surprised to find the mustang still sitting at the curb in a no parking zone and BarnYard in a heated “discussion” with 4 armed airport security. I glance up at the mountain in the back seat and think that then again, maybe I’m not so surprised.

Boomer ushers me into the front passenger seat, completely ignoring the airport security and jumps up onto the trunk of the car swinging his legs over to rest in the seat beside Robert.

I scrunch down wishing that by some act of god the taramac will open up and absorb me as BarnYard just pulls away from the curb leaving the security guards standing there mid-citation.

“Great” I mutter, “I’m not even here for an hour and I’m gonna get shot leaving the airport!”

I hear a rumble from the backseat and realize that it’s laughter coming from the behemoth sitting behind me. “That’s showin them” hollers Boomer as we head out to the parkway Boomer’s hair flapping like a hound dogs ears.

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