Chapter 63

the sound: Celtic Music 1 – Son ar Chistr/Willie’s Lady, Celtic Music 2 – The Cherry Tree Carol, Celtic Music 3 – She Moves Through the Fair, Celtic Music 4 – Mary Hamilton, Celtic Music 5 – Bony Portmore

“Uhmmm hi!….” I stuttered, “I…I’m Baby…”

“Not really?” she replied as she held out her hand beckoning me forward into the room. “Come into the den so I can better see you little one.”

As we filed into the den I felt myself sort of pushed forward and glanced behind me to see all three of the people I was with trying to make themselves look smaller…no small feat for 3 people over 6 ft, but then it was no surprise they were all so large considering the size of the woman in front of me.

Once she hand me by the hand she leaned down towards me and said with great patience…”I asked you your name child”…

I sighed at the slight lilt to her words. I swear to god I heard harps. I shook my head.

“m m my name? uhhhmmmm…..K….K…..Karen” I mumbled out giving my real first name for the fist time since I’d arrived in Minnesota.

“My name is Karen” I repeated with conviction when she raised an eyebrow towards me. Just like I knew what I was talking about.

“And how did you come to my home?” the lady asked

“inna truck” was my reply immediately followed by a quick mental smacking of myself on the forehead “what are ya? new? Inna truck? What kinda answer is that?”

“You know what I meant child” the lady smiled and asked as I realized that she really was ‘a lady’ in the truest sense of the word.

I nodded as she turned to Rosie “Siobhan will make us the tea” she smiled knowingly, “come to the kitchen while Tyrone and Roibhilín prepare the table.”

“huh? What? Siobhan? Tyrone? Roibhilín?” I thought…as I watched the 3 large adults I’d entered the house with scuttle off as obedient children to fill their mother’s wishes.

“I feel like I’ve dropped into an episode of the Twilight Zone! What the simple hell could possibly be up now?”

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