Chapter 26

the sound: Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

“We…..We have to stop them!…We have to do something!…I have to go home!!!!” my voice rises both in volume and decibel.

Wonder Woman turns on me “Do You Think I am unaware you whiny little bitch?” she yells right in my face as she grabs me by the shoulders shaking me.

“That’s my Little Man out there and the last time he tried this he got shot!!!”

“Oh god…”
“Oh fuck…”
“Oh god what am I gonna do?” I whimper as I hear another volley of shots…and then gun silence as sound of bikes continue around the track.

“Just one more baby” I hear her breath and I look back up at her as she watches Robert re-load for the third time, “just one more and yer in” and I realized I’m not the baby she’s talking to.

Robert raises his arm as I sink back into my chair…”I need something stronger than beer to drink” I think and look around for the bottle. I remember where it is just as he shoots again, someone passes me a joint and I absent mindedly take a toke.

Two shots, and then the unmistakable sound of a bike out of control, this time he’s hit something and I hold my breath and turn to the field.

As if in slow motion I see a bike with a huge cemetery style bitch bar go down as it slides in one direction and it’s rider in another. All around it bikes are skidding out of control and lights are coming on and people are yelling.

I sink lower in my chair and oddly (as often happens to me in periods of high stress) my thoughts are pulled away to another time another place, both familiar and scary.

This time it was the time Mike and I totaled his brand bike.

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