Chapter 31

the sound: Blues Images – Ride Captain Ride, Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky, The Assembled Multitude – Overture From Tommy, Ides of March – Vehicle, Coven – One Tin Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack), Ocean – Put Your Hand in the Hand, Les Crane – Desiderata

The sound of bikes coming to a stop break into my reverie, I hear someone quietly sobbing and I look up to see Wonder Woman collapsed at my feet in tears.

For a moment I’d completely forgot where I was and what’s been going on.

I jump to my feet and look to the track, Robert is down offa his rock and he is moving towards the pile of motorcycle and rider that has gone down on the far top side of the track. Rosie, Boomer and BarnYard hot foot it to catch up and I see that Rosie is hauling the first aid kit and Boomer and BarnYard have relit their torches.

All around them bikes are coming to a stop.

I watch in sick fascination as Robert reaches the downed rider. I see him kneel and pick the man up by the shoulders holding him against his chest. His lips are moving.

I squint to see that it is Little Man and that he seems to be moving. I reach down and grab Wonder Woman’s arm as she sobs against my leg.

“Look look look! He’s moving!” as I force her head up to see.

Slowly the sobs recede as we both watch Rosie check Little Man out. Robert stands and nods, pulling Little Man staggering to his feet. I watch these two tall men stand side by side, Little Man slightly leaning towards Robert as Robert raises Little Man’s arm over his head and roars “Brother!”

All around the campsite I hear whooping and howl’s of agreement. “Brother” resounds from all directions as Rosie begins to cut away Little Man’s left sleeve revealing a blood stained mess.

Robert takes a long pull on his bottle and hands it to Little Man who takes a pull and turns an odd shade of white. Little Man is surrounded by men slapping him on the back and holding him up as Robert lets go and walks back past the big flat rock towards the fire.

At a nod from Robert, Wonder Woman scrambles to her feet knocking me back into my chair in the process and races across the field to Little Man.

I look up at Robert walking toward me and the fire and I think to myself yet again…”you are seriously fucked here girl, you need to get you gone”. I realize I’m shaking and I pull my head down chin on my chest as if I’m asleep.

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