Chapter 20

the sound: Enigma – Principles of Lust

I dreamed of sex in the shower…

not the kind of sex that is safe
or marital
or repetitive

monkey sex

the man is ruddy and handsome
in a bad boy sort of way

he enters the shower wearing
riding leathers and boots and jeans
straight off the road

his red beard and strawberry blonde hair
fresh with the thick sent of a man
who’s ridden long and hard
to get to his destination

his arms are tanned and corded
and his hands are strong
and gentle

he reaches around behind me and
gathers a fist full of wet hair
pulling my head back to expose my throat
and the pulse there

his closely cropped beard
has just enough grey in it to be interesting
and tickles as it drips water to my breast

his breath is hot on me
as his lips graze my nipples
I breath his name
and place my splayed hands
on both sides of his head
lifting his lips to mine

his kiss is electric
and pulls on me at my core

he lightly runs his tongue
over my lips
and I

his hands skin down from my shoulders
to almost my elbows
and I am released

he struggles with his clothes
and we become a tangle
of wet leather
and denim

buttons pop
and his plaid shirt tears

I struggle with his belt buckle
impatient and clumsy in my need

he whispers my name
and presses me up against
the shower wall
lifting me slightly

he is hot and musky
as I breath in his heat
I run my fingertips
down the length of him
and he shivers as I feel
the outline of his core

he raises my leg to his hip
his penis brushes my thigh…..

My eyes open and I am at once awake.

I realize that I am in a strange bed, in an unknown place. I stare at the ceiling and realize too that tears are already rolling down through my hair to the pillow…

I breath his name again, “Michael…I have been dreaming of my Michael

[under the auspices of “there’s no such thing as a coincidence” it fascinates me that as I got to the point in this story to recover this post from a piece I’d previously posted without alluding to it’s being from my past life…I had in my mind’s eye this as the perfect piece of music for it’s background…and in the week or so prior to my actually getting to the point in the story to post this…not one but 2 of my friends brought this exact piece of music to my attention…”out of the blue”……curiouser and curiouser!]

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