Chapter 47

the sound: Metallica – One, Metallica – Master of Puppets, Metallica – St Anger, Metallica – Nothing Else Matters, Metallica – Enter Sandman, Metallica – Fuel, Metallica – Disappear, Metallica – Sad but True, Metallica – The Unforgiven, Metallica – Until it Sleeps, Metallica – Fade to Black, Metallica – the Apocalyptica

I have always been amazed at how during periods of high stress or high drama my attention to detail increases to the minutiae and that I notice and remember the strangest things. And when I say remember, I also realize that when I notice those kind of things they seem to never go away…I just remember them always…good, bad or indifferent. Maybe it has something to do with having been raised by a cop.

While we were laying there on the floor I turned my head to the other side of the room to see Bennie. I noticed the tear in the knee of the jeans that Bennie was wearing and how those jeans were likely the one’s he’d worn when he’d repaired the broken toilet in the men’s room last month. I knew this because he’d complained vehemently about spilling bleach on them and had demanded that the hotel purchase him a new pair of jeans. How he spilled the bleach on himself while fixing the tank lever I’ll never know but I do remember Do-all refusing to fall for it.

I noticed that the balaclava that Bennie was wearing was black ribbed wool and that the trim around the eye and lip holes was done in a dirty yellow stringy wool…a lose stich. And I noticed that he was so excited and so high he had a white slobber film in the corner of his mouth, so much so that it was beginning to stain the balaclava white.

I noticed that the green hydro parka he was wearing had a large stain on the right lower pocket…like grease maybe…and that it was open to reveal the well worn faux sheepskin lining and I noticed just how dirty that was too. I noticed that his boots where brown leather and tie up in a sea of men wearing black pull on motorcycle boots. I even noticed that the stupid ass had not even taken the time out to change the clothes that he’d worn all evening in the bar.

And I noticed that rifle, black barrel, brown wooden stock, black trigger guard and Bennie’s twitchy finger in a pair of well worn dirty white deerskin gloves jerking back and forth towards the trigger as he waved that thing too and fro taking us all in.

I heard a scream and turned my head in time to see Frankie run screaming at Big Jack, one of our bouncers, and kick him in the face as he started to rise from the floor. Great big Jack’s head snapped back and his eyes rolled up in his head as his face started to bleed and he slumped to the floor.

I noticed Frankie showing all the signs of a man that was too high…his jaw working back and forth on it’s axis like it might snap off, his physical need to be on the very tip of his booted toes, his twitching and vibrating eyes rocking back and forth over us as he waved his gun at all of us and his voice….

I noticed that he was still wearing all the same clothes that he had been wearing in the bar too. I noticed that his ox blood colored leather car coat was probably not leather, but that old suede vest he was wearing likely was. I noticed that his pants were now tucked into his boots and that he now had hunting knives tucked into each one. I noticed that he was dead serious.

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