Chapter 42

the sound: Van Halen – Ice Cream Man, Van Halen – Pretty Woman, Van Halen – You Really Got Me, Van Halen – Why Can’t This Be Love, Van Halen – Dreams, Van Halen – Can’t Stop Lovin You, Van Halen – Jump, Van Halen – Hot For Teacher, Van Halen – Running with the Devil

I awaken some time later and as my bladder is ever the boss, get out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. I relieve myself and then stick my head in the sink to suck a gallon or two of water up.

I stand up and look at myself in the mirror and decide that the only way to look and feel better is a shower. I realize yet again that someone has undressed me as I climb into the largest shower compartment I have ever seen. The shower proved to be such a lovely decision that I am hard pressed to not just stay there. The pounding water relaxes me and the heat makes me feel safe and cozy.

The idea of developing a close personal relationship with one of the showerheads crosses my mind just before my eyes snap open in horror at the thought of someone walking in. I finish the shower, and spend some time combing and braiding my hair before leaving the bathroom, all the while in serious conversation with myself about paying attention and minding my own business till I can get outta here.

As I returned to the bedroom I discover my clothes on the floor and quickly dress as my stomach starts to growl. I know, oh so well, that at this stage of the hangover process the only thing for me was to eat toast and drink barrels of coffee.

I pull open the door of the bedroom and tiptoe down the hallway towards the living room. No one is there. As I enter the living room I recognize the intense smell of coffee so instead of heading towards the front door I veer towards the other end of the house and what I hoped was the kitchen.

As I cross the huge living room I begin to hear voices and as I entere the room my eyes take in 6 or 7 women sitting at the table. On the table is a large clear tub the size of a fish cooler and in front of each woman there was a pile of empty capsules. The bin seems to contain an exceptionally large amount of white floury like powder.

Almost as one they stop talking and turned to look at me and I try to pull my eyebrows down and look less surprised…

“oh, uhm hi!” I said…”is there coffee?”

The dark hair woman at the end of the table facing me nods towards the pot on the counter to her left and then goes back to scooping powder out of the metal scoop in front of her into a capsule and sealing it, then dropping it into a pail beside her on the floor.

Almost as one all of the women start working again and the buzz of their renewed conversation and laughter surrounded me. I find a cup and pour myself a coffee and then turn to look at the fridge. “Cream’s in the door, sugar’s to the right of the stove.” some said over their shoulder not even bothering to look at me.

“thanks” I mumble as I glance furtively at what they were doing before I open the fridge to get the cream and spotted a loaf of bread. “Is there a toaster?” and someone nods at the cupboard beside the fridge.

I pull out the toaster, plugg it in and drop in the bread, pushing down the lever. I turn to watch the women at work.

The dark haired lady at the head of the table said “ever seen this done?” over her shoulder to me.

I nodded and then remembered that she likely couldn’t see me. “Mesc, and MDA” I replied as I leaned against the cupboard sipping coffee. “how come yer not wearing gloves?”

“Do this long enough and you don’t need to…yer just fucked up full time” the young blonde woman to her left giggled.

The dark haired woman shot her a look and advised me that it was a safety measure…as long as they were ‘capping’ they’d be high enough to not take off.

“Safety for whom” I wondered.

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