something is hapenning…

and I’m not quite sure
what it is

so I’ve been off work
for 20+ months

all of a sudden
in the last couple of days
I’ve had a lift
from the depression
that was developing
over my financial

possibly the idea
that the worst is over
and I can get
back on track…

I have a job to go to
that’s now starting
on the 5th of April
the idea of paychecks
and places to go
have caused me to
make hopeful
plans for the future

there was a handy man
in my house last week to
fix up my bathroom
some new fixtures
and a new floor

I’m very pleased with
the bathroom reno
but while he was here
he changed out
3 of the 4 tubes
in my kitchen light

holy daylight batman!
it’s like someone
has put an SAD lamp
in my kitchen
and its affecting me

I’m doing housework
little bits at a time
seeing as I currently have
a bum knee
(which I might add
turns out to have been
a pinch not a tear
and is way better
just from immobilizing
and icing it)

but seeing as my bathroom
has been refitted
I now have worked
on my kitchen
I can now see
just how much
I’ve neglected in there

I’ve actually
vacuumed the den and my room
no small feat
while keeping a leg straight

I’ve dusted the den
likely will dust the bedroom today
which leaves me with the
dinette and living room
who knows what I’ll get up to?

I’ve got too much stuff
I’ve got plans to do
things with the stuff
putting away

and I have an urge
to be here
more often
than I have in a long time

things is looking up!

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in true WyzWmn form
I somehow
pinched or tore my meniscus

I’m starting to think
that accidents may be
my true art form

I was walking around
the foot of my bed
after a day
of squatting a lot
in a volunteer at the
University Library
and I felt a “pop”
for lack of a better word
and immediately felt
as if someone
had stuck a hot nail
into the inside of my left knee
my good knee

suffered overnight
without much sleep
and my kind neighbour
drove me to emergency
in the morning

so it’s crutches
and tensor
and an
over the counter
anti inflammatory
for 7 – 10 days

my new job has been pushed back
to the 5th of April
so that will give my knee
time to heal
prior to starting

always looking for a silver lining eh?


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