coffee with Digger

I have this beat up old plastic travel mug…

It’s one of those squat bottom jobs, made of plastic and whatever design was on it originally is wearing off… it was Digger’s and he used to use it on the dashboard of his truck before metal travel mugs became a thing…He gave it to me about a year before he passed away because I had been up visiting him and he wanted me to have something warm to drink on the road on the way back home.

So every morning no matter what cup I use to make coffee it ends up getting poured into this ugly black plastic fat bottom travel mug because in my minds eye it makes me feel like my dad made me coffee to keep me warm and safe…every day I have my coffee in this mug while sitting in the La-Z-Boy chair that was his and I feel like I’m having coffee with Digger…and we discuss my plans for the day.💚 Periodically I hear from Doreen in my mind’s eye as well… she always gives good advice…And I always used to laugh at mom because she heated her cream before adding it to her coffee… and now I’m doing the same thing lol….without a frother lol

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Getting old ain’t for sissies… and being a single person during Covid and now living without my parents or my best friend/neighbour I spend a great deal of time talking to myself and my dog….as I age i’m no longer worried about people thinking I’m nuts…I’m just doing what makes me feel good.

Morning coffee and pretend conversations with my dearly departed make me feel good.

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I have the strangest reoccurring dream…

It’s stars Jodie Foster and Bobby Cannavale
It’s sort of an Ocean’s 11 plot
And it’s been going on for quite some time

 Last night’s version
Was kind of fast forwarded
And just hit the high spots

But even fast forwarded
it still hits all the same topics

It’s a cross between a mystery
And comedy
With several subplots
The main plot
Is about stealing
The largest diamond brooch
in the world

Yet when I wake up
The name is Jodie Foster and Bobby Cannavale
Circle through my head all morning
But I can’t really remember the plot
Or the subplots

What a waste of space
In my head

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