And then there were none…

I’m a 68 year old woman who grew up in a household with a huge extended family … my father, had two brothers and six sisters and over the years these people have left an indelible mark on my life.

I sometimes think that along with Walt Disney these people gave me an impossible understanding of family and relationships.  Impossible to live up to that is….

For the last several years, the only remaining member of my father’s siblings has been my aunt Marigold, the youngest of his siblings.

 She is a teacher and a librarian.  She is ever the lady.  She is the epitome of kindness and generosity with just a taste enough of adventure and bitch. She raised her twin boys, my youngest cousins by herself because her husband made an exit stage left very early in their lives.  She did a good job. Her boys are kind and generous, and have great hearts. They are great cooks and often traditionalists. 

She is currently in hospital dying.  I don’t understand what happened. All of a sudden she stopped being able to breathe well and now they’ve decided that she’s palliative.  My sister says that she is basically in heart and lung failure.

She has told my cousin that she is ready, that she’s lived a good life and she doesn’t want any extraneous measures taken.

We have gone through this 8 times with her siblings including my father as well as my mother, and all of their partners.  Not to mention both of her parents, my grandparents. That’s just on my father’s side of the family.  

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Getting old ain’t for sissies. 

I am not ready for this…but it ain’t about me now…is it? 

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I really am my own worst enemy…

Several months ago a friend sent me one of those little whirly gig things for frothing your coffee… I didn’t have any AA batteries so I didn’t use it and I kept forgetting to pick up AA batteries so I haven’t used it ….this morning I made a cuppa coffee and decided what I should do is make a mocha out of it by adding some hot chocolate mix…

So I made the coffee put a spoonful of hot chocolate mix in it and then stuck a little wand in it to stir… And because the wand was already turned on when I put it in the cup, it splashed coffee and hot chocolate mix all over me and all over my kitchen…. That gave me a good laugh and I cleaned it up.

But being duly filed under the not too bright category this morning before coffee, I then picked up the wand turned it on and stuck it back in the cup … and again splashed coffee and hot chocolate mix all over the countertop and everything that was sitting on the counter 

There’s a reason that they froth the milk in a separate container… I’ve just confirmed for myself what that is 

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