2019 – 2020

2019 sucked for many people and the end of it brings along the end of this decade.

Part of my year was pretty touch and go…the first 7 months sucked hard, a lot of the time….however, I got a job in Aug that I’m proud of, that I sincerely enjoy, that doesn’t discriminate against my Brain Injury and am feeling rewarded by (also, I think they like me 😉). There literally is none of the kind of horrid negativity that I have had to operate under for the last 4 years.

The last 4 yrs have been an asskicker for me…physically, health wise, financially and mentally… my Crohns Disease has gone postal more than once and I now have further ongoing gut issues as a result of my last surgery. I’ve beaten the hell outta this old body culminating in my ankle in Oct, along with a torn rotator cuff (possibly requiring surgery) and now today a tooth has collapsed and will cause me to empty my meager bank account in the first week of 2020. I’m coming fast up on retirement age in July…however there will be no retirement for this woman…not yet.

Also, I am reminded of a huge number of very good people that have gone on to the Summerlands in the last year or two.

All of this aside…Right this moment, I am feeling in a better place than I have in a long long time. I feel very positive and grateful going into 2020 (it’s not all diamonds and roses but it’s good)

It is my best wish for all of you that you find peace, the strength you need and more love in 2020.

Happy New Year for us all!

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Just one day….

What would I like for Xmas you ask?

Well I’ll tell you that besides the obvious Peace On Earth…I’d like one whole day without gut problems.

Just one day where I wake up not feeling nauseous or gurgling and worrying about what will happen with my guts today…and that it holds the whole day long.

Just one day of not having too much gas coming out either end and not praying it’s gas and not something worse in public.

Not having to pray I don’t have an accident again in public.

Not having to explain to anyone why I spend as much time in public washrooms as I do (and while I’m on the subject…turn on the damn heat…I’m not hanging out in here cos I love the view!)

Not having to carry a change of clothing every where I go.

Not having to worry about whether or not I smell.

Not having to worry about the effect any or all food has on my gut.

Not having to fight nausea or reflux or puking 24/7.

Not having the lethargy, the brain fog, the heat flashes, etc etc etc.

Just one day.

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