It’s time….

here’s the thing…
it’s been 2+ years since I was in here regularly

I’ve been reading about Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journalling (BuJo)
for at least a year
like most people
I got hung up in the ideaology of supplies
and the pretty I’m not practiced enough
to compete

but I think what I need to do
is just jump in
to find some way to write again
even if it’s just a minimalist
list of things
to clear my head

Too much has hapenned…
I’ve been off work since June of 2015
I’d reached a medical nexus
the perfect storm
as it were

I’ve since lost my car, my savings and my retirement
it’s all gone

soon I may lose my home
it is what it is eh?

I’m unable to get a job
as I no longer have wheels
and the local transit
is not effectual in my area
which means no one while
a person
that can’t work evenings
or weekends

it’s my own private
catch 22

the good news is that I’ve lost more than 50 lbs
and I physically feel
better than I have in 30 years
I’m getting well
each and every day!
and my family
is trying to rescue me
in spite of myself

if I can just hold on
till the New Year
it will get better…
there is no alternative
because 2018 is going to be stellar

I think besides writing again
to organize my brain…

I’m also thinking
I may start writing stories again
even if I don’t seem to have a
basis of comparrison/reference
because I currently
closely resemble
the definitive house mouse LoL

because as Ryder Carroll says:
“time is not a renewable resource
we can’t make time
we can only take time”

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when you think
of the word
what comes to mind?

do you think
peace and quiet
warm days in front
of a fire
with a blanket and
a good book?

do you think
peaceful easy feelings
like the Eagles song?

do you think
peace in the middle east
North Korea?

do you think
peace on earth?

do you think
peace amoung men?

whatever your definition
of peace is
think on it hard today

today is BlogBlast for Peace
and I am a peace blogger.

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