Blog Blast for Peace

It seems to be kind of odd writing this the day after the US election but this I know… all respect for the leader ship of that country has fallen through the cracks and I’m scared for them.

let there be peace… Let it begin with me

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shack wacky…

I have this urge
not a wish
almost a need

to get dressed up
and do something
go somewhere…

a meeting?
(I dislike meetings)
an appointment?
I don’t know…

It’s my own version
of shack wacky
I guess…

the fog is clearing

And I’ve started
chewing my nails?

I can’t get to sleep
and I really feel
like I should be…

there are statistics
around people
who have been through
what I have
in the past week
losing the ability
to sleep at night
cos they are afraid
of dying

I don’t want
to die
but I’m not afraid

it is
it is

does that make me
more than
shack wacky?

I hope not
I got me some plans

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