Because I live alone I have a single cup coffee maker… It makes two sizes of coffee one of which is a single cup and one of which is 2 1/2 possibly…I use a large stainless steel travel mug to make my coffee because I am lazy like that and want to be able to sit and savour my brew 😁

I just made 2 1/2 cups of coffee all over the kitchen counter because I forgot to put the cup back in the pot after I put the water in the machine 😳 I could smell coffee as I was putting the laundry on…but did I check it? No…that would have been smart…. it wasn’t even cheap coffee….because if I’m going to drink (and have to drink decaf for my health) I’m going to drink the best flavoured coffee I can fine and right now that’s Oughtreds. (Roasted here in Victoria)

Which brings me to my second point:

I think people started working outside the home originally to keep themselves from going stark raving mad from being stuck in the house all the time. I’ve been out of the house once since last Friday for a quick trip to the pharmacy and back if the snow doesn’t melt soon so I can make it down all 1000ft of driveway…..when I do finally get out of here somebody’s going to have to commit me 😛

now pardon me while I grind some coffee beans….doh!

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