I feel good…

yesterday was an exceptional day

ya’ll know that I have depression
I won’t say that I suffer from depression
cos that’s a given eh?

getting up
getting dressed
and getting downtown for an appointment
is no small thing for me these day

I’ve been feeling demoralized
and ruined
and lost

I’m unable to make things work properly
this whole brain injury/damage issue
and the resultant loss of income
has undermined my confidence
and really made me feel
like a loser
and I’m outta ideas

I’m eternally stressed about funds
and my greatest fear my whole life
has been the idea of homelessness

but I did it…
I got up
got dressed
drove down town
found parking
and met with a job/career counsellor

I of course
arrived almost an hour early
cos I’m OCD about time

I was nervous…
she was fantastic!

I told her my whole sad story
she smiled
and then told me hers
same place
same type of chronic illness issue
same treatment by that employer
same losses to life and identity
same people in charge

she then when on
to give me some options
for my future

and she said out loud
“you have very marketable skills and abilities
we just need to package them properly
to find you the fit you need”

there it was…

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