I’m tired…

I’m just so damn tired all the damn time…

For a year now I’ve been trying desperately to get things done but I’m barely able to get the groceries in for myself before I completely run out of steam… Even if I have a good eight hours sleep… this morning I got as far as the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and ran out of steam halfway through getting groceries which makes picking up the rest of the groceries and the drive home pretty shitty.

I know this is a combination of lack of nutrients and physical and emotional exhaustion… I feel like a broken record… I have all these projects in my minds eye… some get started some never do all of them waiting for when I feel better. I’m tired of being a whiny friend.

I have run out of things to try to make me feel better but it’s virtually impossible to feel better when you know that no matter what you eat or how little how much you are going to toss your cookies.

I’m only 65 years old… I shouldn’t be finished already. I shouldn’t hurt this much all the freaking time. Yesterday’s news should give me hope…

I find it hard to believe there will be anything beyond testing done before the fall. I don’t see an end in sight today.

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