Potatoes and aim…

Over the years of my life time I have tried to set myself up for an easy retirement… But having a history of trusting the wrong people and poor health has put me in the position to rely on government pensions to live on as a retiree.

I’m not saying this because I want people to feel sorry for me… i’m saying it because it means that as a result I spend an awful lot of time at home by myself these days.  Also due to my low income and cruddy health I have been eating a diet mostly of potatoes for the last couple of years because that’s what will stay in me.

All that being said before I retired I bought myself an air fryer… what a great little gadget that has been during the heat waves we’ve experienced this summer.  I have become the queen of baked potatoes. Lol

The air fryer sits on the counter in my tiny kitchen next to the sink and I have a half a dozen 500 mil canning jars sitting on the counter by the sink full of water to soak because like everything else I don’t run my dishwasher often enough.

Tonight I baked two medium size potatoes one for dinner and one for breakfast tomorrow… I opened the air fryer and pulled the basket all the way out and set it on the counter and in doing so both baked potatoes jumped out of the basket and landed in two of the jars of water… I mean seriously what are the chances? Because the jars are unclean I threw the big potatoes away and started over again.

I did however give me a great laugh… maybe I’ll try my luck at a couple of the games at the fair this weekend lol

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