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Everyone says: “If you need anything, don’t hesitate, I’ll be there for you “. I’m going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, that many people won’t really know what that means…Mental Health Awareness Week May 1-7

People shouldn’t have to know what it feels like to suffer from mental health issues… often times as a result of things they have absolutely no control over.

In 2015 I started making obvious mistakes in my job… as it got worse my PTSD got worse and my stress levels were postal… in June I went off on what was supposed to be a brief medical leave…since then it’s been discovered that as a result of a lifetime of taking large amount of medications aimed at making my life better from my autoimmune’s and coupled with the fact that I have over my lifetime suffered more than a dozen serious concussions I have developed some pretty serious brain changes brain changes that cost me my job in 2015 and again this month.

I don’t know what will happen I know that I am a little desperate right now but I also know that nothing I can do will change the fact that I have (amount many health issues) mental health issues.

…don’t be mean…don’t be hurtful…don’t laugh…be kind….be understanding

Be aware…mental health issues are not something we choose, they are something that happens for a myriad of reasons most often with no control

There has to be something out there that this tired old beat up brain can do…I’m not giving up…I fought too long and too hard to get here.

Mental Health Awareness Week May 1-7


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