I had a plan…

I had a plan

I had it all figured out…

I knew what I was going to do
I’d waited 3 years
and I’d be ready

then life took over
I went off work
on medical leave
ran out of pay
then out of medical insurance
then out of savings
then spent all
of my RRSP’s

just to live
not live frivolously
but rent and groceries
pay the day to day

now I have no car
my motorcycle doesn’t run

no money coming in
at all…
no viable income
and nothing left in the bank

and now
I finally have
a surgery date

I went back to work
in April
it lasted 19 days
and I was let go
because my brain
doesn’t work the way
it used to

but I still had a plan…

I was going to
start training
with a personal trainer
long before
I got here

I was going to
see a chiropractor
long before
I got here

I was going to be
in better shape
prior to surgery

being broke
stops one from paying for things
like personal trainers
and chiropractors
and even rent sometimes

it is what it is

I continue to walk
and I will
still have surgery

and I’ll take care
of the plan
when I can

no more waiting
it’s soon to be here
and I’m excited.

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