Christmas Spirit…

lets talk Christmas spirit
shall we?

I don’t celebrate Christmas
I do celebrate Yule

I’ve a lot of Christians
in my life
and a lot of people
spout platitudes
around this time of year

so today I’m out…
I’m looking for cotton dye
to replenish some clothes
so I don’t have to buy anything

I have the cousin’s truck
and I’m doing some running around
to get a couple of other of things
I need at my house

my cousin’s truck
is huge…
and for years I’ve driven
a small car

I find parking lots
at this time of year
hard enough
however today…

I pull into a lot
and there’s a bunch of
small car spaces
so I drive around
until I find a spot
to park
the big red

it literally takes me
4 tries to manouver
the truck
into the regular sized
parking space
while giving
the cars on either side
equal space

the parking spaces are only so big
and I’m laughing at myself
as I get out to go to the store
try as I might the car
on the passenger side of the truck
has more room than the other

I get out of the truck
and start to the store
to be stopped by a
short, rotund woman
with white hair
she can’t get in her car
as I’m parked too close
(that’d be the car on
the passenger side
that has extra room)

I almost said
“I wouldn’t be parked so close
if you weren’t clearly parked
on the separating line”
but I chose not to

I got in the truck
backed out
and drove around
till I found another spot
I park with equal dexterity
and then
get out to go in the store

as I approach the store
the woman from the first space
is standing in the space
I emptied
still talking to someone

I go in the store
wander around
find the item I wanted
stood in line
paid for it
left the store
went through the lot
get in the truck
pull out
and as I head towards
the original parking spot
the woman finally gets in her car

as I’m driving passed
in a huge, red, king cab
she backs out
and would have hit the truck
had I not laid on the horn!

the big red truck
has a dandy horn…

she litterally missed by a hair
she then proceeeds
to get out of her car
and holler at me
waxes for with this vitriol
and ending by calling
me the big “C” word
giving me flack
about Christmas spirit
and kindness???

it was at that point
that any semblence
of nice or pleasant
left my building

suffice to say
no matter how much
I get my “ohm” on
I can still attract
a crowd
when I lose my temper

and that old doll
might be thinking twice
before she hollers
at strangers in parking lots

just saying….

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